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festival 2018

En cas de pluie, ce spectacle sera reporté au dimanche 10 juin à 14h


Visual Poetry

so  so

In the twilight of life, a day can envelop one's being like a big lonesome bubble. It takes a brave man to keep seeking for joy and friends. He has remained young at heart, although trapped in a time-constrained body.

A poetic performance about loneliness in old age.
For lack of time, in the name of progress and of the rapid evolution of society, the elderly are being forgotten, sometimes even abandoned by friends and family.
Gone are their successes, their conquests, their dedication to work over the years and they are simply ALONE.
They wandering through the city waiting for a change, for something to happen or just for time to pass by.
Alone. At a bench. In the emptiness of a day...
Thus was born “SÓMENTE”...

Staging and dramaturgy: Sérgio Fernandes
Composition (music): Ferdinand Breil
Viola: Shasta Ellenbogen
Mask: Bernardo Rey / Sérgio Fernandes
Costumes: Tuya Hermann
Props: Olga Dumova
Scenario (bench): Eddie Dorner
Production: Maya Kempe
Actor: Sérgio Fernandes
Technik: Spiros Paterakis

Audience Award - 12. Internationale Straßentheater Festival 2013 in Holzminden
Award Street Theatre - Freiburger Leiter 2014
Kultursekretariat NRW Kulturförderung 2014
SPECIAL AWARD - Haifa Theater, Israel 2016